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symbol browser issue when CB build against wx3.x

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I build C::B against wx trunk(On windows), I see an interesting issue:

When a new file is opened, the browser tree does not show correctly, see the first image:

Now, you can collapse the root node, see the second image:

And after that, you can expand the root node again, and now you see the correct result(third image):

Please note that the tree in the first image is build from a worker thread, and the tree in the third image is build from the main gui thread(inside the event handler).

It looks like the tree does not work well if it is build from a worker thread. From my point of view, the tree should be only built from the main thread, what's your opinion?

I'm not sure how it works under Linux or Mac.

Empty tree is the smallest problem.  8)
Calling ui functions from non-ui threads leads to way more severe problems, like random asserts and crashes.

Morten has started work on a patch that will fix this, but I don't know if it is finished.

I guess this is part of the builtin code-completion plugin ?


Yes, it is part of the plugin, but it should be moved in the sdk and we should provide a common interface, so multiple cc plugins can provide a list of symbols.

Anyone working on this move ?
In any case, if we want to support 16-01 I guess the Clang-CC plugin should then just copy the implementation or something ?



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