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event handling of our CC, any new idea of the task queue design?

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--- Quote from: ollydbg on February 19, 2016, 03:24:25 pm ---
But I haven't see some code that you can drop some already queued job from the thread queue. So, maybe, I need to implement one...

--- End quote ---

Correct. I planned to do this, that's why the JobType enum is really there, but I focussed on optimizing the sequence of events first, and I want the tokendatabase to span the whole project/solution with an indexer to fill it, that way a couple of 'goto' operations could be implemented. There is some ugly code in the 'devel' branch that needs to be cleaned up to do this.

There is also still something that doesn't work on windows, which is overriding the 'tab'-key to perform the task to jump to a function parameter prototype after you did a code-completion. The implementation is pretty hackish but seems to work perfectly on Linux (I'm using this daily), but is very unreliable on Windows. I haven't found a 'clean' way to implement this without altering C::B.



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