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Help with Allegro game programming library

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:D How would I install Allegro  so I can use it? It's a game programming library thingy for C++ I think (haven't used it yet). I couldn't find documentation on installing for CodeBlocks Studio.
They're website is
I really hope I can use it.

If it's a library - link to it :-)
Why do you think it has anything to do with C::B?

Well for me it has to do with CB cuz I'm using CB. :D
 :? Sorry but I'm a noob. I don't know how to liink to a library or how to use Allegro. I just started learning c++ (on my own). I read on that site how to install for other IDEs so I thought there's a way to install for CB. I'm confused.

Edit: I'm trying to build the library as a static link. I'm not sure what I'm doing so any comments, please help.

Allegro is really easy to build...
Download the file from the allegro site, unzip it, cd to that directory and type in a command prompt:

--- Code: ---fix mingw32
set MINGDIR=c:/mingw
mingw32-make install
--- End code ---

Two notes:
MINGDIR above should point to the directory that MinGW is installed on your system. C:\MingW is the default. If you downloaded the full Code::Blocks version which contains MinGW, then set MINGDIR to point to the directory you installed Code::Blocks.
If you don't have "mingw32-make", use "make".

That's it.
If something fails during compiling, study the messages carefully. For example, allegro might need the Directx development files (I wouldn't know, but I saw them at the allegro site ;) ).

Just a wisdom note ;-)
If you just started learning C++ on your own, it might not be that wise to start with game programming using Allegro, DirectX, OpenGL, or whatever else there is. Try starting with a smaller non-graphical example, and then gradually build your knowledge about the language, libraries, etc.


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