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Freepascal support in Code::Blocks

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Any other mirror except Sourceforge to try it? Our office blocks Sourceforge downloads (and probably rightly so, after their recent actions!). When is code::blocks moving to github?



--- Quote from: heyrajuchalbiru on December 10, 2015, 05:11:25 pm ---Any other mirror except Sourceforge to try it?

--- End quote ---
There used to be some... but I am not aware of any nowadays. This is funny, you know because we once moved from berlios to SF because berlios was not accessible. Whatever we do it seems always some people are blocked.

However, you can d/l at home or use proxies to work around this issue. I think not many companies block sourceforge (why, btw?!).

We will move to github if we use git as primary version control system. Until then SF will be the base. There are github mirrors, btw but I believe they all do not provide releases.


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