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Freepascal support in Code::Blocks

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Hi !
Thank you CodeBlocks team for this wonderfull IDE.
I just wonder if you can (plane) make integration of the Freepascal FPC Compiler in the compiler list.
I tried to do that yesterday and I fail.
So ; is it possible to integrate it ?

Thanks you so much .

Operating System (OS) information and Code::Blocks (CB) version info will likely help some help you.

OS Name and version?
CB Version?
Can you self build CB from SVN or Git repositories?

Tim S.

While it maybe theoretically possible (similar to the Fortran support) Code::Blocks was designed to be primarily a C/C++ (Fortran) IDE. So you might be able to add required compiler calls yourself (see how to setup custom compilers and customised build steps) but a lot of functionality would not be working, like code completion, probably syntax highlighting and dependency checks.

So unless someone is willing to write a dedicated plugin for Pascal I doubt that we will support it anytime soon.

What about Lazarus?

lazarus is good,
but I like CB and theoritically if possible to  integrate it (FPC) , I must do it.
CB : 13.12 release.
Win XP, Win 7
Thanks !


--- Quote from: saidus on November 09, 2015, 10:29:34 am ---lazarus is good,
but I like CB and theoritically if possible to  integrate it (FPC) , I must do it.
CB : 13.12 release.
Win XP, Win 7
Thanks !

--- End quote ---

I am willing to help you; but, many things will NOT work.
Code-Completion and Debugging are two of the items way beyond my knowledge and ability.
I only have Windows 7 no XP.

And, before I will start you need to confirm the FPC can do compile and link of at least two source files on the command line.
And, post the three separate commands that does the below steps.

1. command to compile; but not link the first source file.
2. command to compile; but not link the second source file.
3. command to link the two output files (likely object files) into an exe file.

That is because I know enough to add a compiler that can do the above to the current Compiler Plugin.
I do NOT have the time or the knowledge to create a new CB Plugin that would be needed if FPC can not do it in three steps like above.

Edit: Just reread MortenMacFly post with "dependency checks" likely not being supported; I have no idea on how to add "dependency checks" if they do NOT work.

Edit2: You may wish to see how well an CB Custom Makefile will work with FPC.

Tim S.


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