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The 19 January 2006 build is out.

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That extra path thingy.

are you able to rebuild e.g. the Help-plugin of the CB-contribs workspace with this version ? or do you get compile errors ?
i got errors when trying to rebuild any plugin therefore my post regarding.

if i triggered a false-alarm, i'm sorry ...

read this, my little story of this evening.

[EDIT] can anyone make show the 'correct' latest topics again ??

just rebuilded help plug-in with rev 1816 --> OK, no errors


--- Quote ---I think that after you get a new revision and you build cbp, you first need to update.bat (but then this might cause the not yet rebuilded contrib plug-ins to fail to load, because of some incompatible change, or sdk version change), and then rebuild the contrib plug-ins and do update.bat again.
Why : I think it's because they want(need to) to link to the just newly created codeblocks.dll !!!
--- End quote ---

I am feeling more and more nothing is wrong, the codeblocks dll was probably not updated for those people who had problems.


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