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Just a quick question, did development on the Clang-based CC stall? Or is there a branch somewhere with the latest code since it seems is the latest incarnation ?


Yes, that is the most recent work on Clang based CC.  Unfortunately, a variety of events/issues in my life have stalled my ability to do large chunks of programming anywhere currently.  At whatever point I am able to return to my projects, this will be my top priority.  (In the mean time, I still will happily review any pull requests there.)


I'll work on it a bit, probably first fixing small bugs to improve its usability and send pull-requests when something is ready.


First pull-request is ready. For people that want faster access to bugfixes/new features, I commit them on

Constructive feedback is always welcome.

Current state is so far pretty stable, but oviously the expected lags are still there since the clang functionality should be moved to a thread.


yvesdm3000: Considering this plugin can differentiate between a '.' and '->', the only reason preventing me to use it over cb's own cc is the non-threaded functionality. Unfortunately I'm not skilled enough to fix this but I will sure test your commits. Thanks for that.


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