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Just wanted to say .... Excellent!
« on: January 18, 2006, 08:41:35 pm »
Coming from being a power-user of CodeWright (no longer developed) and Multi-Edit, C::B has the potential of becoming a really great IDE.  I'm impressed with it.  I have toyed around with Dev-C++ and Eclipse, but this C::B shows much more promise.  Also, I have been looking for really good IDE for doing some embedded software projects at home, and I think C::B will do nicely. 

Hopefully, if I can find time in the midst of all my other projects to tweak the C::B code to add some really nice features  :D  I'm glad it's using wxWidgets, because I've been looking to get familiar with it for another project idea :wink:

I think I found my IDE :)

Kudo's to the development team!