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Found a BUG: double clic a document (.Cbp) prompt "project file does not exist"

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Such as the title, that's all. My version is svn10136.
For example, "D:\new projects\" of the path that has the BUG.
I don't know whether the latest version fixes this BUG?
Let me go to download the latest version to try, don't stop me.
I'm not good at English,so........

Sorry, but I didn't get at all what the problem is.

Please make it simple: Post exact step-by-step instructions and (if needed) sample code/projects.

1.Here's a project file(D:/xxxx xxxx/xxx.cbp)
2.Double click to open it with C::B
3.Then C::B will prompt "project file does not exist"
But use File>open won't prompt "project file does not exist"
Pull the project file to the program won't complain too.
Although does not affect the use, but as a perfectionist, nature does not want to C: : B there's a BUG.
If you can, please tell me how to solve this BUG?
Or repair as soon as possible.

Does this path contain any special (non ascii) charachters and if yes can you please post them?
what windows version are you using? what c::b version?

This look invalid to me. It works fine here (13.12 and nightly) or I cannot reproduce (many details are missing: OS version, exact steps to reproduce etc...).

I recommend you use the latest version (13.12) or a nigthly.

I've closed the bug report therefore, too.


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