Author Topic: How to install two different versions of Code::Blocks with independent config?  (Read 2011 times)


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I had Code::Blocks 13.12 installed and configured to use TDM-GCC, whereas it was incompatible with OpenFrameworks, which supported v12.11 with MingW. So, I installed it (v12.11) in another partition with MingW alongwith it, but whenever I start it, it says that it needs to update a bunch of things, which I don't approve ofc. Also, it uses TDM-GCC instead of MingW installed with it. So, how do I get CodeBlocks 12.11 to work solely for OpenFramework, and v13.12 for other purposes? So that, I don't have to change the settings every now and then.

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C::B is not a compiler, so it cannot be incompatible with a framework. Who told you so has misled you.

What you need to do is install the need compiler and set it up. Probably by duplicating the main gcc compiler and changing the toolchain executables.
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