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Re: The 15 January 2006 build is out.
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If you copy the files in the devel directory somewhere else and run that copy instead, you get much more information if it crashes on you afterwards. Then you could run update.bat while C::B is running too.

It's what I thought.
- You have your working C::B which is in Program\ Files or /usr/local or what ever. (Hopefully the night builds see above).
- You grab the SVN trunk of C::B open CodeBlocks.cbp up. and compile. It will compile to your source directory since it cannot overwrite the Instance which is currently running. Lets call this one C::B2
- Update.bat prepare every thing in the source tree. (For C::B2)
- I debug my new stuff on C::B2 (with the command line switch that lets it run a second instance), I change resources, code the lot. Compile and debug and so on... (Debugger is in Original C::B)
- I like my new version better. So I make a release version which also builds the installer.
- Exit C::B And Install it to program\ files. Now I load the new One. (I'm My own beta tester)

Is there any other way? So I guess Update.bat could be inside the .cbp, or at least we can make an intree-update.bat.

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