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a Qt plugin : QtPregenForCB => AddOnForQt

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- add a real target  'cbqt5' at project Linux for wizard and example.
- update 'sdk-2.5.0' => 'sdk-2.6.0' since rev12271

If you wish to adapt 'AddOnForQt' to the last sdk-2.16.0 (with cb-12524)

1- By editing "Project->Build Options...->Custom variables" of project, you must replace the old variable 'cb = $(#sdk...)'  => 'cb = $(#sdk2160)'

2- Create the global variable 'sdk2160' must contain the address of 'cb-12524-2160\src' => exemple :
--- Code: ---#sdk2160="...\315\Sdk\cb-12524-2160\src"
--- End code ---

3- Change the file 'manisfest.xml'
--- Code: --- ...
     <SdkVersion major="2" minor="16" release="0" />
         <Value description="Compilling Qt software with this plugin (sdk 2.16.0)" />
--- End code ---

New version 'AddOnForQt-3.4.0' :
   - corrects a serious error when loading a new workspace
   - it now waits for the workspace to finish loading, before starting the analysis of projects that
     contain elements from the 'Qt' library

New version 'AddOnForQt-3.4.7' :
   - new handling of the stop when creating add-ons
   - a new project for Linux : wx-315 or wx-316
   - addition of some bitmaps

- correction of *.cbp (Unix),, 'pre.cpp'  : adjust plugin name
- add documentation  'Doxygen'


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