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a Qt plugin : QtPregenForCB => AddOnForQt

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=> New version 2.6.2 (Win-32)
Patches are provided at the change of sdk :
- Patch for sdk-1.44.0 from svn11845
- Patch for sdk-1.45.0 from svn11865
- Patch for sdk-1.46.0 from svn11883

- update documentation
- update files project (...Win32.cbp)
- fixed an error on Qt projects with only one target that was not recognized

=> New version 2.7.2 (Win-32 and Linux-64)
- update documentation
- update files project (...-win32.cbp, ...-unix.cbp)
- we customize the search for each Qt executable to be able to correctly warn the user in case of error on the paths.

=> New version 2.7.3 (Win, Linux)
New patches are provided at the change of sdk :
- Patch for sdk-1.47.0 from svn11944
- Patch for sdk-2.0.0 from CB-20.03 (rev12004)
- Patch for sdk-2.2.0 from svn12025

- update documentation
- update files project (, ...linux.cbp)
- removes the appearance, in some cases, of a message indicating an action on the 'Abort' button at compilation time
- addition of some advice messages

== forgot to send the patches !

From January 01, 2021, 'Qtpregen' will be replaced by 'AddonForQt' on :

This new version does not require any patch for 'Code::blocks'.

Instead, he uses :
  - in the menu bar: specific entries added to 'Build'
  - in the 'Projects Manager' : popup specific entries on the name of the project

It has been tested under Win32, Win64, OpenSuse Leap-15.1.

1-Update all project files win32, win64, Linux64.
2-New historic file for 'cb::sdk' => 'sdk/sdk.his'.
3-Various minor corrections.


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