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Does CB have command line to compile project? I have downloaded ijp (jpeg library) and in install.txt there is written I have to compile it in command line. I cannot find any makefile for cb however, there are these files:

how could I compile the project?

Try codeblocks --help to see all the command line option.
But this won't help you as cb doesn't support compiling makefile projects with a cbp project file.
The best thing you can do is consult the documentation of the library you're trying to build for the exact method you need to use on your operating system.

BTW: Keep in mind that codeblocks is not a compiler/linker, but an IDE!

Probably a bit misleading: cb supports custom makefile projects but not compiling makefile projects without a project file via the command line.
However, if not using the native cb build system you are missing a lot features and slow down the build process.

just to make this clear: c::b IS NOT A COMPILER but a IDE. This are two different things (if you don't know search on wikipedia)....
If you wan't compile  ijp like it is specified in install.txt you have to use the mingw32-make.exe (if you are on windows) or just make in linux. And if so, then this is the wrong forum to ask this kind of questions.

Some IDE can compile their projects from command line, e.g. Lazarus with the lazbuild utility, or Visual Studio with msbuild command. In same development scenarios, it can be a very handy feature: e.g. compiling projects on a remote computer and/or on slow embedded systems.


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