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The 13 January 2006 build is out.


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A link to the unicode windows wxWidget dll for Code::Blocks :

The 13 January 2006 build is out.
  - Windows :
  - Linux : not supported yet

Resolved Fixed:

* wxSmith : Fixed resource-clearing bug when importing xrc file, Removed debug log with blocking events called when events are already blocked (it's normal in some cases), No longer "Can not open..." dialog when opening xrc file, and some other fixes
* Fixed the Cache loading bug in Code completion
* Fixed notebooks' appearence not restoring correctly sometimes
* Fixed linux build (broken in wxFlatNotebook)
* Fixed saving XML documents (project, workspace, etc) in paths with unicode characters
* Fix for creating new project at the root of the drive (e.g. C:\) (patch #1404309)
* Updated CSS lexer keywords (patch #1402335)
* Updated GLSL and CG lexer files (patch #1402156)
* Find dialog now remembers the order of previous searches (patch #1382962)
* Fixed error logging on import project failure (patch #1382521)
* Removed invalid error message from MIME handler when user presses cancel in the open dialog (patch #1347533)
* Added FLTK template (windows only) (patch #1339625)
* Added SmartWin++ template (windows only) (patch #1341659) and updated all templates to the current version
* Code to prepare for plugins' internationalization (patch #1344970)
* Removed macro ugliness from sdk/settings.h and sdk/globals.h (patches #1403098 and #1403468)
* Fixed project tree flickering when opening/closing a workspace (partially patch #1334208)
* Replaced obsolete EDMAN() and PRJMAN() macros in exporter and wxSmith plugins
* Fixed a compilation error (without PCH) in sdk/as/sc_wxstring.cpp
* Fixed broken "Settings->Editor->Show spaces"
* Fixed bug where on file close the "file modified, save?" dialog would appear twice, if the user clicked "no" the first time
Regressions/Confirmed/Annoying/Common bugs:

* DDE bug : clicking in windows explorer on a CB registered file throws an error message box
* toolbar-images-not-changing-state (is a wx problem)

This bug is now fixed:

#1403023 Project creation to drive root fails (nightly)

as it says in the fixes list ;-)


--- Quote from: killerbot on January 14, 2006, 03:34:08 pm ---as it says in the fixes list ;-)

--- End quote ---

Yup, the bug needs to be closed though.

EDIT: Done.

I wasn't aware that I could mark the bug as closed/fixed.


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