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Thanx a lot for keeping C::B turning!

A few nice-to-have things.
Background: I have a two-project workspace, where one project produces a library, whilst the other one - the executable, which uses that library.

1. I'd like to have an inter-project dependency, so when I change a file in the Library project, I don't have to say "Rebuild all".

2. I'd like to have the TODO list updated for all projects in the workspace, not just the current one.

You should file a feature request otherwise I 'll forget ;)

--- Quote ---I'd like to have an inter-project dependency, so when I change a file in the Library project, I don't have to say "Rebuild all"
--- End quote ---

Until something like that is implemented, I 'll tell you how I handle such situations.
I have a workspace with a project generating some DLLs and a project generating an EXE (which uses those DLLs). The top project in the tree is the DLL. When I want to compile, I don't use "Compile" but instead I use "Compile all projects" (Alt-C, J). This will invoke "Compile" on each project, starting from the top. This procedure hasn't failed me yet :)


It failed for me, because the EXE project has to be linked to the new LIB file (unlike DLL case, where the binding is runtime). C::B-b5 did not have a dedicated option for library files, so the change to the LIB file went unnoticed. I don't know yet how C::B-b6 handles this (couldn't compile yet) - but I assume that as you work mostly with DLLs, you didn't pay attention to the LIB use case :-)

In project properties, below the object/deps dirs settings, there is a box called "External dependencies" with a browse button next to it. This is what you 're looking for. Use it and browse to select the LIB your EXE depends on (do this in your EXE's properties).
It's been there since beta5 IIRC, and back when I added it, it worked. I hope it still does 'cause I haven't used this feature for a while  :oops:

EDIT: if it still works, it will only when using "make" to build. I don't recall the direct-mode using it (will fix it though).


Thanx, I'll test it as soon as I can compile (see my multiple-target problem in another forum).

What is a MAKE build? Ordinary F9, or..?


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