Author Topic: embeded PowerPC compilers - GCC & CodeWarrior  (Read 7690 times)

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embeded PowerPC compilers - GCC & CodeWarrior
« on: December 01, 2014, 06:14:07 pm »
    According to my own needs I have developed the compiler files for embeded PowerPC compilers. I worked with CodeWarrior (MetroWerks) from Freescale ( Then the compiler (MetroWerks) is now working with the Codeblocks IDE. The GNU GCC compiler from is my second alternative that works too. Both are used to compile embeded PowerPC firmware (that works, now).
    The attached are the xml compiler files to put on your codeblocks "compilers" directory and one simple example.
    For curious people I have worked with PowerPC MPC5634M with a ez200 core in a PEMicro StarterKit. From now on I use Codeblocks IDE and I can compile my programs with MW compiler. Or I can compile with GCC too.
I hope this will be helpful for other programmers that works with similas families of PowerPC.