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Stage 1 completed!

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Good news people! I have finished Stage 1 of the code completion redesign. After fixing the crashes, hangs and unexpected exceptions ( :mrgreen: ), I managed to optimize most of the Codecompletion plugin. You'll notice a significant speed-up related to previous versions - specially when saving files.

I'll commit as soon as I finish recompiling latest SVN :eek: and test.

Benchmarks welcome :)

Post-Edit notes:
1) Warning! I may have possibly caused one or two unicode bugs since my C::B version is ANSI (i needed to debug some strings and unicode had a bug in there). But I can't wait anymore to commit, i'm sure any unicode-related bugs can be fixed in very little time.

2) Tested - ANSI version works like charm! :D I also removed redundant categories from the symbols (i.e. classes, defines, others) if they contain no tokens. I'll commit now :)

3) Oops, I forgot to mention... the Load/Save progress dialog of the codecompletion cache has been wiped out. Anyway i really hope you don't miss it, because:

 Done parsing project Code::Blocks ANSI (wx2.6) (485 total parsed files, 14999 tokens in 0.813 seconds).
<- and that's unoptimized :D

4) Hit my first bug :( Apparently, when loading the cache, the class browser isn't updated. This is bad! :( I need some help with this guys. Probably an event not triggered or something. In any case, i'll still commit. I'm sure we can spare the cache for now. Sorry :?

Commited (revision 1711  ). Enjoy :)

That's just great Rick. Thanks :D

Feedback: "Search->Go to function" no longer works...

Ouch. OK, i'll see what I can do. Just a question, is the said function present in the class browser, or it's gone (as if the token wasn't generated in the first place)?


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