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Dear Code::Blocks users,

as you might be already aware BerliOS will shut down sooner or later. unfortunately our trackers (bugs and features) are affected. We were hoping that we could move them to SourceForge and that there would be a conversion script (there were rumours accordingly) but thats not the case. We cannot easily transfer the data to SourceForge and most likely it will be "lost" at some point.

What we decided to do:

* Backup the data on BerliOS (there is a XML export function)
* Save all the data into SVN (
* Disable bug and feature tacker at BerliOS (not delete)
* Enable the ticket system at SourceForge (
From now on, please use the SourceForge ticket system If you are aware of own open tickets, feel free to re-add them into SourceForge. This would be of great help.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience, but there is not much we can do. Unless somebody can develop an algorithm to convert the dump to a compatible "SourceForge format".

... a backup of the old bugs/features/patches can be found here, too (in readable format) thanks to alpha:


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