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The 09 January 2006 build is out.

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have fixed the second part of the problem, busy posting the patch on sourceforge.

@Yiannis : I will assign it to you, it is just adding 4 lines of code (and 2 lines are like this {  and  })  ;-)

more good news, I was able to fix the first problem also.
I was wondering why it worked when you were already in CB, well in that path of control it was done just a little bit different, doing it at startup also like that --> success.

The original way should have also worked, I think, but it is a wx problem.
Anyhow, CB can overcome it.  ;-)

@Yiannis, patch is coming your way, this time at least 6 lines of code changed, 2 gone, 4 new.  ;-)

[edit] : only thing left to do, is keep the start page more in sync with the recent history as shown in the menu


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