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Use wxPropGrid for compiler flags

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it would be nice to have a search field, which filters the options. The search scope should be on the description (or name) and the flag. Some thing like the "find file" dialog.


This might be possible, but it is out of scope of the current modifications.
And if we can combine the CPU arch flags in a single setting the number of options would probably be halved.

I have been browsing the source of this branch, and am in the process of some testing with it to see what wxPropGrid is capable of.

So far, your modifications seem to be quite helpful in readability of the compiler flags.

You can check the sample/propgrid in wxWidgets. It shows some of the features of propgird.

What we could (should) do is to merge some options (optimizations), cpu architecture, std in single choice property.
The main question is how to handle the xml format change?

Well to be backward compatible you could add an optional group attribute to each compiler flag. Then evaluate this at runtime...


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