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WIN98/9x/others build : registry settings test

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thanks for the feedback,
Indeed, there was a bug in the code, so that there were 2 backslashes for the rebuild command. I fixed my code (together with another little bug).

@Yiannis : the reason why I tried it out first like this, so that I did not have to check on the windows version.
But it seems I will have to do it like this, damn.
So I will adjust the code and create a new build.
It seems when on win9x you have that user key, it might be there because some other program had put stuff there although it shows win98 does not look at it to determine the file association. Somewhere else in this thread someone claimed multi user was introduced either in win98SE2 or in winME.
Anyone with WinME ???

Since this key was introduced in win2000, I will now assume it does not exist in Win NT4, anyone who still uses this, please give the above mentioned build a try ??? (maybe some service pack introduced it, but as said :assumption : it does notexist and it's not being looked at).

Therefor : new algo :
if on win9x/Me/winNt4 -> root key, otherwise user key. Will create a new build with this mechanism today, if you all could please try that one again then, many thanks, I owe you all (those who have tested and provided feedback, not all of those who just read this ;-) ) a beer.


From Windows 2000 docs

--- Quote ---In Windows NT 4.0 and earlier, HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT displayed the data only in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes. The current, merged configuration lets the system independently register program classes for each user. This feature is known as per-user class registration.
--- End quote ---

This was introduced in Win2K, so none of the NT 4.0 service packs change this.

thanks for the info.

Can someone with WIN2000 tell me what it reports when you execute winver ??

Is that already version 5 ?
(Win XP is version5.1.)

Windows versions:

4.0.950    Windows 95
4.0.1111    Windows 95 OSR 2 & OSR 2.1
4.0.1212    Windows 95 OSR 2.5
4.1.1998    Windows 98
4.1.2222    Windows 98 Second Edition
4.9.3000    Windows Me

Windows NT versions:

4.0.1381    Windows NT 4.0
5.0.2195    Windows 2000
5.01.2600    Windows XP or Windows XP 64-Bit Edition Version 2002 (Itanium)
5.02.3790    Windows Server 2003
   or Windows XP x64 Edition (AMD64/EM64T)
   or Windows XP 64-Bit Edition Version 2003 (Itanium)

thanks artoj, you're the greatest.


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