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WIN98/9x/others build : registry settings test

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Oh, and you shouldn't use the last four numbers, just the first two, mening major and minor versions. The last four numbers define which service pack (if any) is installed.

So in pseudo code

--- Code: ---if (Version.Major == 5) and (Version.Minor == 0) {
  isWin2k = true;

--- End code ---

New build for a new test :

This the the code of the algo :
   // first determine which key to use
   // win9x/ME/NT 4 ->ROOT, others USER
   wxString BaseKeyName(_T("HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Classes"));
   int Major = 0;
   int WinFamily = wxGetOsVersion(&Major, NULL);
   if((WinFamily == wxWIN95) || ((WinFamily == wxWINDOWS_NT) && (Major < 5)))
      BaseKeyName = _T("HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT");

Don't use win 3.11 ;-)

I debugged it on in XP, there it seems to work.

Patiently waiting for the test results. Same pocedure as described above, but with the new build.


Using Windows ME.

Things I'd like from those who want to test this (especially win9x):
1) Check if that HKEY_CURRENT_USE\Software\Classes exist on your machine  :  yes/no

Yes, contains only CLSID subkey.

2) remove at HKEY_CLASS_ROOT the entries for : (see remark below)
 .cbp .workspace .c .cc .cpp .cxx .h .hh .hpp .hxx    and
CodeBlocks.cbp CodeBlocks.workspace CodeBlocks.c CodeBlocks.cpp CodeBlocks.cxx CodeBlocks.h CodeBlocks.hh CodeBlocks.hpp CodeBlocks.hxx


3) use the build you can download from the link below (contains all plug-ins and the wx dll), start it up and go to Settings menu -> Environment -> General tab and click on set now


4) check your registry to see where the ended up (the user key or again at the global level)  -> tell me about it please


5) close cb : double click on a cpp file and check if it opens in cb (tell me about it)

Opens correctly.

6) double click on another cpp file and check if it opens in cb (tell me about it)

Opens correctly.

Now, where's my beer? :P

Just tried it on Win98SE.  Same results as artoj.
Still needs someone to test on Win2k+, though, to make sure that still works.


--- Quote from: killerbot on January 07, 2006, 04:19:46 pm ---Below you can find a link to an ansi build which should run on all win platforms.
More specifially on win9x/Me. The build is based on rev 1667 with a registry patch applied (see other place in this forum for more info).

--- End quote ---
Are there any plans to make any more SVN builds for ANSI/Win98, or at least to have a .cbp file that can be used for such a build, given that you've put in the work to make the code compatible with Win98?


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