Author Topic: Patch for Windows wx28 cbp files needed for PCH version of sdk.h to be used.  (Read 3222 times)

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I am working on a patch to add the proper sdk.h PCH search folder to CB projects using wxWidgets 28 under Windows.

I am only doing some of the CB Contrib Projects and 4 or 5 other CB Projects.

Criteria of Project selection uses sdk.h in a source file include (source file means non-header file in this message thread).

Is easy to test that the PCH file is being used.

Skipped "SmartIndent" project because of complexity to test.
Skipped "wxSmith" projects because I thought the gain was likely not worth trying at this time.
Skipped "FortranProject" project because of weird error at this time; will need to figure out cause or good work around.

Patch available at
This patch is called "cb_cbp_wx28_add_objs_include_search.patch"

Still testing this patch for build issues.
No build issues noticed; the CodeCompletion Project still needs better testing and it has a PCH warning now.
The  "BrowseTracker" Plugin now also has a PCH warning where the incorrect header "sdk_precomp.h" is used instead of the correct "sdk.h".

Tim S.
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