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Resource editor solved


Thanks Mandrav for the MIME plugin. It's very handy.

Until now it was a little bit difficult to edit resource files, but with the help of this plugin I set up RC files to be opened by KetilO's Resource Editor.
Thanks to KetilO too for his great work.


--- Quote from: bszente ---but with the help of this plugin.
--- End quote ---

Is there a way to generate *.h file using this editor? I can't take it

Yes, there is. Actually, I never used the export feature, I simply did a copy-paste from the rc file. I saw in the Option dialog that there are export features also, but I didn't found it either, and I didn't have time to look after it.

I asked on the Win32ASM Community messageboard your question, and KetilO gave the answer:

In the Project->Names dialog the list of resources appear, and push the Export button.

I just corrected the above link.

KetilO made a new version of ResEd, with the Ctrl+E shortcut for the Name Export.


NEW! "Auto export when saved" option.

02.08.2005 - Version number corrected


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