Author Topic: Cannot remove .cc/.hh files auto-generated using flex/bison  (Read 6921 times)

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Cannot remove .cc/.hh files auto-generated using flex/bison
« on: December 30, 2013, 08:54:02 pm »
I upgraded from 12.11 to 13.12 and now some unremovable, "Auto-generated" .cc/.hh files have been added to my project. What are my options for getting rid of them? The only solution that comes to mind is to move the .l/.y files somewhere where Code::Blocks won't look for them, but that seems like a nasty solution. Do I have any better options?

Update: I managed to work around the issue by changing to non-standard file extensions for my .l/.y files. Another solution would have been to remove them from the Code::Blocks project. The solution I'd like is to be able to prevent Code::Blocks from compiling the .l and .y files. Perhaps that could be done by right-clicking and removing them from build targets, but coming from premake4, it's probably not possible to automate it. I don't know. Thanks anyway.
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