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Too Small!
« on: July 01, 2015, 11:16:47 pm »
Look, I'm 62 but I started programming when I was 19. That's a while.... I've been checking out code::blocks as an alternative to emacs/autotools/make, hoping it would reduce the detail work.

Trouble is that I can't see much of it. I have lost the use of one eye and the other one is old and doesn't work all that well. I bought a big monitor and I use the assistive technology in chrome and other apps so that I can see what is on the screen.

I am using the most recent nightly build releases because, well... I was able to hang the current stable release twice in 10 minutes. Just open a dialog and then minimize the main screen. Expand the main screen and the dialog is gone and the app is hung. But, that isn't what I am asking for. Is it possible to get icons on the main menu that are at least 32x32? Maybe do them in svc so that they can be adjusted to any size? Being able to set only one font size isn't a real problem, but in a lot of the dialogs the expanded text winds up being under check boxes so that you can't read it. And just a minor thing, but the menu drop downs wind up with a HUGE width when you increase the font size and I need a ruler or a piece of paper to line up the action name with the keyboard short cut.

I have to say that this is the best free IDE I have found, but there are old coders out here who can not see little tiny icons and can't read tiny text.

Oh yeah, I am using Ubuntu 15.04 I stated using BSD Unix in '81 and I have been using Linux since the early '90s.