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Nightly Builds (on a daily basis)

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2006 it is, thanks

The others are not uselles yet  :wink:
I don't do ansi (for the main builds, I'll try to be as official 'unoffcial' as I can be).

Things I need to crack now are :
 - linux distribution (I can already build on my laptop and run it there)
 - win98 problem that therion fixed
 - things I forgot


PS : the thread are copied somehow from a proven concept started by Peter(6), who did this for Firefox.


--- Quote from: killerbot on January 02, 2006, 10:07:59 pm --- - win98 problem that therion fixed

--- End quote ---

I have a small question concerning win98. GDB 6.3 does not work with win98 and to debug in C::B you need GDB 6.3. It seems to me that even if you build C::B for win98, a user could not debug. Or did I miss something?


sorry for beeing cumbersome again - but should the RSS feed items not link to the corresponding download link ?!?
it's somewhat useless to get a message "version xy is out , enjoy !" but don't get a download-link.

i assume, that is some bug with the RSS feed at the moment.

a link to the wx-dll should also be supplied side-by-side to the nightly build link.


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