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Nightly Builds (on a daily basis)

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From now on, in this part of the forum we will provide nightly builds.
Normally there will be only 1 build per 24 hours, maybe, just maybe, if some serious bugs have been fixed, there may be more then 1 build in a certain 24 hour time slot.

Some general information about the nightly builds can be found also here :

In this part of the forum, every day a new topic will be created, providing the link to the build. It will allow people to discuss their experience with the build. A list of 'popular' bugs will in the future be mentioned in those daily topics, together with which bugs have been fixed since the previous build. Therefor it is very important that for every bug people discover, they create a bug report at sourceforge , since the 2 pieces of input on what's fixed are :
 - comments in svn from the developers
 - closed bugreports

You can also subscribe to the following RSS feed which announces the new builds :

And this is a direct link to all those nightly builds in the repository, you get them listed with the newest one on top :;O=D

What the future will bring :
 - linux builds
 - 'even more unofficial'  nightly builds (containing already some community patches, which have not been reviewed yet -> don't bother the official dev's with side effects of those patches, contact the patch makers for that !!!)

kind regards,

Lol, in the nightly builds page you haven't posted a link to the actual files :D
Thanks for all the help, Lieven :)

I find very good the idea to provide nightly builds. Anyway, I have a question. If this part of the forum will provide nightly builds, then Ceniza and Therion's SVN binary snapshots would be no more necessary, or?

Thank you.


So it seems like Therion and I are useless now :P

Oh, and I prefer killerbot's green stars :)

OT comment - view the RSS feed - we are in 2006 already - at least here in vienna  :)


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