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I am working on making it possible for a user to hide compilers they do not use so that the list can be made smaller.  Attached is the way I plan to filter the list.  If anyone has time, I would appreciate feedback.  Specifically, should I worry about performance of any of the functions?  (I currently have not, as they will normally not be called often, and only deal with small arrays.)

(I did not yet write the GUI to set the config value "compiler/hidden_compilers" but everything else is functional.)

* cbFilteredChoice is too common name for its functionality
* I don't think you need to derive the combo, most of the times composition should be preferred over inheritance
* If I were you I'd just modify the functions which fill the combo with data it will be a lot simpler and there won't be any performance concerns

...another comment: Does not compile/work on wx2.9 (no DoAppend method) - this is a blocker.


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