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Help with wxLED component

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I wanted to use the wxLED component in one of my projects... so i added it to the project frame in code::blocks ide. But it flagged errors that "wx/led.h" file was missing... How do I fix this?????


--- Quote from: nishalns on April 15, 2013, 02:26:42 pm ---But it flagged errors that "wx/led.h" file was missing... How do I fix this?????

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Adjust your compiler include folder settings.


Please stop double and triple-posting the same question.
You have been told to remove the first double-post and it looks as if you have done it.
But for some reason you asked the same question a third time in a new thread.
I just merged the two open threads.

If you do not learn how to behave correctly in forums, you will get banned for a while.

Be warned !


--- Quote from: jens on April 15, 2013, 04:32:34 pm ---@nishalns:

Sorry about that...I've signed up for a forum for the first time!!!!

But here the resources that I had downloaded didn't seem to work so I posted this question once again....

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--- Quote from: nishalns on April 14, 2013, 02:07:54 pm ---I want to use wxLED component in my wxWidget projects developed using code::blocks 12.11.

When I added the wxled light component to the window, the compiler flagged an error that "led.h" header file was missing. So, I downloaded the header file and c++ source file from sourceforge and copied the led.h file to "include/wx/led.h" in this wxsmith directory.

Now, when I try to build the program it gives me a  whole lot of errors that the constructors and functions used for the led component are missing. So, I tried copying "led.cpp" (which was also downloaded from sourceforge along with "led.h") to the "src" folder in the wxWidgets directory.

Where should I place this "led.cpp" file and what steps should I take to fix this problem????

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Hello friend were you able to use the wxLED component? I am trying to use it but not successful yet..Please reply thanks in advance:)


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