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This post is here to assist you in your Code::Blocks / C++ blues, by telling you what NOT to do. This is not to frighten you, but unfortunately we have to be that strict due to continuous mis-use and dis-respect.

1. This is NOT a general programming board. "How do I write a program that....", "Can anybody teach me how to", "I have this homework", "My program doesn't run and I don't have the slightest idea of why because I'm a C++ newcomer", "What is a compiler", "What does gcc do" is the kind of questions that is FORBIDDEN to ask.

2. Compiler/Linker errors are NOT Code::Blocks errors. Usually, C++ newcomers tend to confuse the Editor/IDE (Code::Blocks) with the Compiler (MINGW / GCC). You may see some errors in the compiler output because you missed to do something right in your code. But that's not Code::Blocks troubleshooting, that's C++ troubleshooting and does not belong in here. If your program doesn't compile, READ THE C++ MANUAL.

3. Is your problem library, framework specific? There are appropriate forums for it, not the Code::Blocks forum.

4. Search before you post. If you've used other IDEs and you're moving to Code::Blocks, try reading the Wiki (e.g. at the homepage, and if you're confused on how to set up things, SEARCH THE FORUM. Probably the answer you're looking for is in there. Remember, Google is your friend :)

5. Before posting, look where you post. There's the "Using CodeBlocks" board to help newbies set up their compilers and change their configuration. There's a "troubleshooting" board, there's a "Nightly build" board where you can download new testing versions and share your problems with a particular nightly build of Code::Blocks.
Oh - the "Help wanted" board at the bottom is for open source programmers/volunteers to help us, the Code::Blocks team, to tackle bugs and add new features by submitting patches. It is not a "post your homework so experts can help you" help board. For that there are plenty other forums around.

6. Bug reports belong in the Sourceforge project page. Don't expect the devs to crawl in the forums for a bug - we're NOT Google! The bug report webpage was made for a reason.

7. Only after you have checked everything out and you're sure it's a Code::Blocks configuration problem / bug and not a C++ problem, post it.

8.) Do not send private messages (PM's) to one of the admins/devs if the question/statement can also be asked in the forums. PM's are only for administrative purposes, not for technical questions. If you don't respect that, you might be banned silently.

Thank you.

Finale note: Ignoring these rules may result in the topic being (silently) locked and/or even removed completely without any notice.

In case you wonder why we are so strict: I could say: "Search the forum" - as this has been discussed a lot. To make is short: By law we (the devs/moderators) are responsible for the content of our forum. This means we need to read all posts. If you want us to continue the development of C::B and have the time to answer some of the questions that are really related to C::B, apply the rules above. It's obviously a matter of time for us.

More general help how to use our forum you'll find here, too.
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