Author Topic: Splitting editor via drag-and-drop causes an unwanted active tab change  (Read 13630 times)

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-- Codeblocks 12.11, Win7 64 bits.

When you want to see 2 different files simultaneously there's the possibility of dragging the tab of a file and dropping it at a window border to split the editor in two views.
It's good and working.

But as soon as there are more than 2 tabs, this process has a problem:

Say you have 3 tabs, main.c, file.c, file.h.
The current tab is file.c and you want to see file.h simultaneously.
So you drag file.h tab and drop it to the right border of the window.
The editor is then splitted vertically in two parts, with file.h tab on the right side and main.c and file.c tab on the left side.
The problem is that on the left side, the active tab is now main.c whereas it was file.c !

In fact with any tabs, when you create a right view by drag-and-dropping at tab, the active tab on the left side always become the first tab from the left.

It's a little thing but when using multiple views frequently, it becomes really annoying having to correct codeblocks for changing the tab you were working on without asking you anything.

Tell me if it's unclear i will try to clarify more.

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This is a wxWidgets issue.
It also happens in the aui-sample of wxWidgets, even with the newest wxWidgets from trunk.

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Has it been reported to the wx bug tracker ?

EDIT: yeah i managed to found it
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