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Wiki Preferences Trouble


The wiki seems to be refusing to let me change any of my preferences.

Any guesses why that might be?

This is my first attempt at installing/using a wiki, so I wouldn't know much :(
But I 've noticed similar problems myself. For example, I can't save a page when logged in (always previewing it, even if I click on Save)...
Anyway, if someone knows something about it...

In the meantime I 'll be checking out some other wikis, just in case and while it's still early for a possible switch ;)


Ah good, it's not just me.  

I've noticed the can't-save problem too.

I had installed mediawiki version 1.4rc1 originally. I installed now 1.3.11 which is reported to be tha latest stable version and moved the content there.
The url is the same, you 'll just have to create a user account again. Try it and see if it fixes anything (for me it did).



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