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Release 12.11 has arrived

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--- Quote from: xunxun on December 06, 2012, 12:32:48 pm ---It seems all exes/dlls have not been stripped the debug info.

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Yes, on purpose.

hey , Just saw the code::blocks 12.11 is released. i am facing problem while downloading .. :/
i have slow internet .. .. when i go for download there is no possible chance for resuming it.
i want to download for "codeblocks-12.11mingw-setup.exe" .

i am using IDM

plz give me a link for a any-other server  which have resume capability or if you can have " .torrent" for it.

I too am having download problems - hosting C::B on  a site that provides "resume" capability would save me a lot of time (and money, as I pay per byte).

I try to put it onto my server, but the MinGW-version is not downloadable at the moment.
C::B for windows without MinGW can be downloaded from:

The version bundled with MinGW follows as soon as possible.
Here it is:

Download should be fast and resumable !

Please use sourceforge as alternative download, see our site for the links.

You can also try from my mirror.

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Currently codeblocks-12.11-setup.exe file is available. Rest will follow as soon as Berlios responds.

@ Devs,

By the way, source tarball of Windows binary is missing. Please upload it in Berlios.


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