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Requirements / Guidelines for re-writing the Code Completion

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Hi, everyone, I found another good IDE named Codelite which has functionality of code completion. I think we could learn from it. By the way, If would help to develop this plugin ( add something to support namespaces), how can I get involved?

It seems that some document? some guideline? and some plug in source code is need.


Integrating CodeLite's parser into Code::Blocks has been discussed before, but no one has dared to do it. eranif (CodeLite's developer) was helping us to some extent, and still no one decided to step forward, take the challenge and do it. Just search the forums, and you will see.

Now, I have download the whole source code of codeblocks from svn. And I'm reading the code completion part. But it is difficult to read, because no document is supported :(....

You guys could use std::u32string which is based on char32_t and can represent any UTF-32 char including obviously any UTF-8 char. With this you could make the IDE support even all Chinese ideograms. You could convert this type of string to the normal std::string which is based on char. And the interaction with wxWidgets is not a problem because you can convert from and to std::string and from there to wxString, std::string is considered a binary buffer of wider characters representation when converted from std::u32string. Furthermore, as std::u32string is based on char32_t you could make arrays of char32_t and used them equally as std::u32string or even a std::vector<std::u32string>.


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