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TDragon: since you've looked at the antlr c++ stuff as well, could you tell me why it requires a custom hash dictionary for the variable scopes?  All the other antlr grammers just provide a .g sytax file and a .g tree walker file.  (E.g. java - so I don't see why c++ would need extra code besides the .g files to work...)

Mostly I think because it gave the author more control, but partially because C++ is contextual in so many ways that it was probably the best choice. Either way, it makes it easier for us to drop in yet another custom container if we need to :)


--- Quote from: TDragon on December 21, 2005, 04:29:00 pm ---While that would be easier, the possibility does exist for adapting Unix-centric code to our purpose -- especially if the Unix-centric code provides more overall functionality.

--- End quote ---

Yes, that is ok :). If the unix version provides more functionalities and could be adapted to Windows, then that could be a good choice.

Anyway, where I would like to put the accent is that it is important (to avoid problems/conflicts later) to chose from the beginning a parser that works or would work in both OSs.   



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