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Set remote debug option with Wizard script [SOLVED]

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--- Quote from: ZdenoQC on September 13, 2012, 03:07:28 pm ---codeblocks 10.05

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I suppose you better use a nightly for this purpose. Then, within the debugger configuration you can setup the connectivity options using the GUI.

I already know how to setup those setting in the project with Properties->Debugger->Remote debugging, but I want this to be made by the wizard script I'm writing. Just like the function project.AddLinkLib(_T(""));.

I thought it was a codeblocks project thing and not compiler/debugger specific thing.

After some days I found something interesting. The function project.AddToExtensions() add elements in the project xml file.

--- Code: ---project.AddToExtensions(_T("debugger/remote_debugging/options:conn_type=0"));

--- End code ---

The problem is that it seems that the debugger option is ovewrite elsewhere. When I use de "+" in front of "debugger/.." , I see the the duplicate options, but the first is clear.

Do someone know what is the function that overwrite the debugger setting and how I can bypass that? Or is there an other way of writing theses settings?



I found a workaround for the previous method I found. I just find out that the debugger was a plugin in codeblocks. So I disable it first. I create the project with my wizard with the "AddToExtensions" lines and I close it. Finally, I enable the plugin and I open the project. Its the only way that my settings are not erase by the debugger plugin.

I guess the only way to avoid that is to modify the debugger plugin or disable and enable the plugin via the wizard.


--- Quote from: ZdenoQC on October 12, 2012, 04:12:23 pm ---I guess the only way to avoid that is to modify the debugger plugin or disable and enable the plugin via the wizard.

--- End quote ---
Modify the plugin and provide a patch, but please use the latest SVN HEAD sources as reference.


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