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If you compile Code::Blocks from its SVN version,
please do note that the sources in this version are constantly being worked on.

Although we try to keep the source tree as well as the application's behaviour consistent at all times,
you have to expect bugs and unannounced feature changes on your way.

Before you start

When encountering a problem in the SVN version of Code::Blocks, your cooperation decides on how quickly and efficiently we can help you with your problem or fix the encountered bug in Code::Blocks.

Is your checked out version current? Is the version in the repository only a few minutes old?
You should always check out the latest version (HEAD), as this is the one with the best features and the most recent bug fixes.
However, if the version that you checked out is only just a few minutes old, it may be that a developer forgot to commit a file, or there might be a bug which he did not spot immediately. Give it a few minutes, and try updating again - maybe your problem will be gone.

Is your problem a known issue?
When you encounter a bug in Code::Blocks, you are usually not the only one who is impaired by it. Look into the SVN version Issues board and onto the BerliOS project page. Maybe your problem is already listed there, and possibly there is already a patch or workaround available.
Please do not post duplicate error reports on the same issue. It is not going faster this way.

Reporting your problem

Gather information about your system
Current releases of Code::Blocks display their revision information on the "Start Here" page (see screenshot on bottom on page).
This is to make tracking down errors to specific releases, platforms, or encodings easier.

When you report a problem, please always copy that revision information and paste it into your bug report.

Describe the problem as concise as possible
- What is the problem?
- What did you do to when it happened?
- Can you reproduce it? How?
- What release of Code::Blocks are you using?
- Which was the latest release that did not have this problem?

Submit a bug report
We try to fix all issues as fast as possible. For most smaller problems, this often happens within a few hours of a report appearing in the SVN version Issues board. However, it may happen, for whatever reason, that we are unable to solve a problem immediately (or we have to postpone it due to other priorities).

In case you see that your problem is not addressed within 2 days, please submit a bug report on the BerliOS Bug Tracker.

If you do not submit a bug report, your forum thread will eventually go out of sight, and we will forget it!

If you can contribute a bugfix for your own or someone else's problem, please upload the patch to the Sourceforge page.
Do not post patches in the forum. We will try to apply patches as we can, but it may happen that this is not possible for a few days (or weeks) for a particular patch.

If you have posted your patch on the forum, and the thread eventually goes out of sight, your work will be forgotten!

If you encounter an exception, you will usually see a descriptive message of what is wrong and where. The revision information is shown in the exception dialog, too.
Please do not only tell us "I get an exception" -- this does not tell us anything. You should at least provide the message and the location where the exception was raised (both is shown in the dialog).

Crash Reports
If you encounter an application crash and have a JIT debugger running (Dr.Watson or Dr.MinGW), you may want to post the stack trace in your bug report. In all other cases, you can attach the codeblocks.rpt file (located in the same directory as the Code::Blocks binary).
Having the RPT file at hand helps a lot when trying to locate a crash.

Version information as shown on the "Start Here" page


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