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rev 7569 add wxLB_MULTIPLE feature, but some one is complaining

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My friend nanyu complains the wxLB_MULTIPLE feature in the build option setting dialog changed after rev 7569.

Firstly, he thought that there are some thing wrong, he guess that a "CTRL" key is holding on when he click on the search directory wxListBox.

So, he just suggest that if  we could revert the rev 7569, and handle the real "CTRL". (Normally, people will thought that holding down the CTRL key, and mouse click will select multiply items, but single click will just select only one item)

Any ideas?


--- Quote from: ollydbg on July 05, 2012, 10:41:35 am ---Any ideas?

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If you revert that, you can no longer copy multiple options between project/target options. So we loose an important feature, therefore not a good idea. The right way would be to figure out if either one can control the behaviour of multiple selections or complain to the wxDevs as this is not standard.

...on the other hand: What if you simply replace wxLB_MULTIPLE with wxLB_EXTENDED in compiler_options.xrc? If the functionality remains, that would be an option.

For the record:
this seems to be a wxMSW issue, it works as expected on linux (CTRL to select multiple, random entries, SHIFT to select a range of entries), on windows none of the keys seems to do anything.

wxLB_EXTENDED works on linux, I can not test on windows at the moment.


--- Quote from: jens on July 05, 2012, 01:06:22 pm ---this seems to be a wxMSW issue,

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Interesting... so it may be a mug in the list control? I wonder if that has changed in wx 2.9.x. I'll try that when I am at home.


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