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Fighting Forum Spam: Info to ALL users
« on: December 05, 2010, 10:50:41 am »
Dear valuable Code::Blocks forum members,

it's getting more and more hard for us (the forum admins) to fight the aggressive SPAM attacks we are facing every day. The number of SPAM accounts registered per day is around 20-50 even with reCAPTCHA and other anti-SPAM techniques. Until today we have removed several thousands of SPAM accounts, and the number is steadily increasing.

We do our very best, but the drawback might be that we may delete the one or other regular member which is of course not, what we want.

Users that have posted regular are safe, however, user with zero posts, strange user names or an origin within IP address ranges known for spamming might be deleted by accident. We are really sorry, if this happens.

You can help us to avoid that by:
1.) Using a name that is not somehing like "asdj123bgh" (:lol:) and
2.) posting at least one informal message.
3.) Placing a "Hello" note here:,14168.0.html

This will make your account safe against the scans and cleanup/removals we need to do from time to time.

Thank you!

PS: This will most likely change in the future, once SMF 2.0 is released.
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