Author Topic: Debugging with wxWidgets-2.9.3  (Read 3970 times)

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Debugging with wxWidgets-2.9.3
« on: February 22, 2012, 11:26:02 pm »

My system is Ubuntu 11.04, Code::Blocks 10.5, and wxWidgets-2.8.11 or 2.9.3.

I recently started using 2.9.3 and found I was unable to use the debugging function in c::b - the program would not stop at a breakpoint. When I switched to view my source code, the debugger message window in c::b indicated the debugger was running and was at my breakpoint, there was the red/yellow triangle at the breakpoint in my source code, but the stepping choices in the toolbar and menu were grayed out, and the watch window was empty. I invoked running the project in debug mode by selecting Debug/Start from the menu.

I have verified that 2.9.3 was compiled with --enable-debug. I have fumbled my way through running gdb from the command line on my sources, and observed it stopped at a breakpoint, and gave me the value of a variable. I have changed the Project build options compiler and linker settings to `wx-config --cxxflags` and `wx-config --libs`, and upon rebuilding, the debugger ran as expected. (These wx-config settings utilize the Ubuntu-installed wxWidgets-2.8.11). After changing which wx-config was used by prepending the path to my 2.9.3 build to the wx-config settings, the debugger again failed to stop at a breakpoint.

My initial thought was I have not set up c::b project options properly for 2.9.3, but the fact that the 2.8.11 wx-config worked, and the 2.9.3 settings did not work makes me wonder if there is a problem in how I built 2.9.3. Here is a line grepped out my config.status: with options \"'--enable-debug' '--enable-stl'\".

I hope you all have some suggestions.