Author Topic: Best Choice for Connecting to PHP/MySQL from a .cpp?  (Read 10509 times)

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Re: Best Choice for Connecting to PHP/MySQL from a .cpp?
« Reply #15 on: January 27, 2012, 12:07:10 am »
FYI: Learn how to ask a smart question in the right forum!!
This web-site DOES NOT teach programming or how to use your compiler!!
Be sensitive in choosing where you ask your question. You are likely to be ignored, or written off as a loser, if you:

    post your question to a forum where it's off topic

Tim S.
Learn how to not answer something if you are going to solve a problem. You are just adding to it. You see I said I would have considered it RESOLVED yet you insist on rehashing. Perhaps instead of responding to my DONE post, you should take the time you used on this and spend time on someone else's post.

Like you should have done with mine. Now run along. I'm tired of being polite to you and yet you persist on trolling me. Like I said before, don't be mad at me. I never MADE you answer anything.

Take care.