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detect space in file path when use MinGW

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--- Quote from: MortenMacFly on January 05, 2012, 07:51:20 pm ---
--- Quote from: ollydbg on January 05, 2012, 04:01:10 pm ---Currently MinGW can not handle this, can we add some check on this. A lot of beginner will meet this issue.

--- End quote ---
What exactly do you mean? I have all of my projects in a path with spaces ("My Files") and I never experienced any issues so far.

--- End quote ---
I mean that the source file path may contain spaces.
It looks like it is OK now as you put your project files under "My Files" folder without  any problem. ;)
But why some user still have such problem? Maybe like stahta01 said, only "windres.exe" has this issue.

--- Quote from: Neil Butterworth on January 05, 2012, 09:30:46 pm ---To quote from

--- Quote ---MinGW may have problems with paths containing spaces, and if not, usually other programs used with MinGW will experience problems with such paths. Thus, we strongly recommend that you do not install MinGW in any location with spaces in the path name reference; i.e. you should avoid installing into any subdirectory of "Program Files" or "My Documents", or the like.
--- End quote ---

Presumably the OP's idea is that if CB detects that MinGWGCC is installed in such a directory, it should issue a warning?

--- End quote ---
So, the mingw installed path should not have spaces? right.
This can be checked when the user setting the mingw compiler path.

Here is another thing we can check:
In the compiler's installation directory setting dialog, there are some statement:

--- Code: ---NOTE: All programs below, must exist either in the "bin" sub-directory of this path or in any of the "Additional paths"...
--- End code ---
So, the first half, can we check there is a "bin" sub-directory in the user setting path? If not, we can give a warning messagebox.


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