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Re: smallB's suggestions
« Reply #60 on: November 25, 2011, 03:25:10 pm »
@ollydbg, yes, sure that is good workaround but I think (if it's not to hard to implement) it would be nice to have it on a debugging toolbar.

Just a thought.
It looks like run the command "frame 0" will give us the "next line".

BTW: I found a tiny bug in the debugger branch, when I double click on the frame 0 of the call-stack window, I looked at the debugger-log, I see that
1, "frame 0" command was send
2, "bt" command was send

So, I think "bt" command do not need to send, right?
Are there any good way to navigate to the "next line" when debugging.
I just read the gdb manual, and I can't find a better than "frame 0" command.
Any ideas?

Once I thought we can save the position when we place the "next line" mark in the scintilla control, so the user click the "show the next line" tool button, we can quickly return to the saved line. But later I found that when we switch the frame will change the triangle mark position too. So it doesn't work this way.
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