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Compiling codeblocks from CVS using VC++


I've been trying to compile the code without success. The errors seem quite crazy. For example I have to include stc.lib and wxmsw.lib in order to compile the 'sdk' project, but the linker complains about some symbols being defined previously in stc.lib (e.g: wxString) :shock: . Who contributed the VC++ project? may you help me? How did you compile wxWidgets?

Thanks in advance.


BTW: I'm using Visual Studio.NET 2003, with wxWidgets

I 've never used Visual* myself. Those project files were contributed by another user, but it's a long time now. They surely are outdated...
Sorry, I can't help you more.

Btw, if someone wants to fix them or contribute new workspace/project files for Visual* builds, please send them in...


I'll try to get them fixed. Doesn't seem such big a work. Only problem is I have VS.NET 2k3 and it wont be backward compatible (unless... well, maybe I get to install VC++ 6, just for the fun).

Thanks a lot for keeping in contact with us (the users) trough the forum.



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