Author Topic: Could the C::B team change from c++11 to c++17 for compile the C::B?  (Read 43 times)

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Hi guys!

I'm a new plugin-dev.

That would be advisable to have it by few solid resons:

1) std::string_view - for work with cstrings/std::string without (re)allocations

2) __has_include:

Code: cpp
#ifdef __has_include
  #if __has_include(<SomePlugin.h>)
    #include <SomePlugin.h> // we have certain header file

3) Filesystem library

4) std::optional, std::variant, std::any

5) std::integer_sequence - for template programming...

And MAIN reason is: to be closer to users - devs will able to include modern code base in plugins directly into the C::B avoiding external plugin-dev-flow (we know that not all users can build fresh version from SVN, not to mention to find a cool plugin anywhere and compile it for turn it on in the IDE - all that scares away beginners).

The Best regards.