Author Topic: want to exchange experience between C::B and MSVC  (Read 4953 times)

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want to exchange experience between C::B and MSVC
« on: November 30, 2005, 12:34:08 pm »
Dear all C::B forum users,

I want to start a little discussion about the comparism betweeen C::B and MSVC.
What is your experience ?
Is it a good idea to leave MSVC (I use the .net version 7.1) ?

To start the thread, this is my experience:
- the installation is much faster and easier (C::B a few minutes, MSVC: 45 min)
- I could translate almust all my sample projects into C::B with little or no effort
- DirectX using code made me some troubeles, but not the OpenGL version
- the C::B support for the different compilers is great

now I start to introduce myself in the debugging posibilities, hopefully C::B is there as powerful as I have seen it while porting from other projects.

I would like to know your expeirence, if you could find some time ..

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Re: want to exchange experience between C::B and MSVC
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2005, 01:18:12 pm »

I also use MS VC++ 7.1 (.NET 2003) for my work and projects (because most of the time I have no choice concerning the IDE :(). Anyway, I find MS VC++ 7.1 rather good (especially compared to MS VC++ 6 and .NET 2002). Moreover, more and more of open source projects include a solution file for .NET 2003 (or at least some info on how to compile using .NET2003), which avoid fighting with the compiler/linker to get the software working.

In my free time and where I can at work, I use C::B with great pleasure. I especially like the possibility to switch from GNU GCC and MS Visual Toolkit 2003 (even if I do not like it too much :)). Personally, I agree with your experience. I do not have too many troubles in doing with C::B what I do with .NET2003. Only DirectX give me actually some troubles, but mostly because of my lack of experience. I also try to softly introduce C::B at my institute in order to make it a viable alternative to .NET2003, especially when developing cross-platform applications.

To conclude I find C::B easy to use, scalable, "efficient" and a good alternative to .NET 2003 and most of the other IDEs I have until now tested (e.g., Dev-C++, MinGW Developer Studio).

Best wishes,

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Re: want to exchange experience between C::B and MSVC
« Reply #2 on: November 30, 2005, 01:35:07 pm »
Is it a good idea to leave MSVC (I use the .net version 7.1) ?
I think this question is really hard to answer. The decision depends on so many considerations. Is there an exisiting project? How much depends the project on MSVC (.NET) stuff (e.g. GUI, Active/X specific things). Shall it be Windows-only or cross-platform? Shall it be used by a number of people who might require training? Are you member of a project whos other member simply prefer MSVC or this is set as a standard? Etc...

I think this is really a question that would lead to a different decision by all of the people that would answer. How to tell???

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