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build and rebuild in command promt

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I finally got it! Like Tim S. said, I replaced the quote by double quote and worked fine. Problem solved!

So, the command to use to build/rebuild in the command prompt is:

codeblocks.exe /na /nd --no-splash-screen --no-batch-window-close --rebuild C:\GameDev\GettingsStarted\teste\teste.cbp --target="Debug"

By the way jens, C:\CodeBlocks> is the path where I have my CodeBlocks installation, is not part of the command. :)

Anyway, thanks for your help guys!

Trying to build from command line, it works OK, but there's no console output from codeblocks, but the wiki states that it should output something.
How can i get the build log ?

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The build log is in the build log tab at the bottom of codeblocks.
If it is not visible:
View->Logs->Build log

Thanks for a reply, but i'm talking about command line build, so this topic suits perfectly.
I cannot get any console output of out of codeblocks, but wiki states that ona can redirect the output even to a file

Have you tried to pass the --log-to-file command option?


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