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I am using Code::Blocks build 7256 debugger branch version. Code completion works well, but in some cases, such as string class, cin, cout, it does not work. For example, if I write "string s = "abcd"; s.", after dot I see nothing. The same situation in cin and cout. I want to be able to see the methods of this classes. In other cases the CC works well (even with STL vectors, maps, etc.). What do i need to do to make CC work?
In addition, if I write "string::", I see all methods.

Likes a bug, and can you post the exact test code and steps, so that other people can test it or even fix the bug.

I was trying to create a simple console application.

--- Code: ---#include <iostream>
#include <string>

using namespace std;

int main()
    string s1;
    cout << "Enter your name\n";
    cin >> s1;
    if (s1.empty())       //at this point there is no Code Completion after s1.
          /*some code*/
    cin.get();             //at this point there is no CC (only _M_extract() method shown there)
    return 0;

--- End code ---
But if in the code try to type:

--- Code: ---string::

--- End code ---
CC works well and all methods for string are shown.
Also if try to type:

--- Code: ---cout.

--- End code ---
There is only _M_insert() method shown.
I use Debian Linux. And I have tried to insert in search directories line '/usr/include/c++/4.4.5', but nothing changed.

It works if the actual debugger-branch ismerged with trunk (trunk to merge).

I can update the debugger-branch, after I have cleaned my local copy.

What does it mean? Waiting for update, where this bugs are fixed, in your repo?


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